St Vincent's V.C Academy

About St Vincent's V.C Academy

Welcome to St Vincent’s Voluntary Catholic Academy. The school was built in 1904 to serve the local Catholic community. In 2016 we are now a truly international school and we currently serve children and families originating from 27 countries.  

Our school lies at the heart of our parish community and a love of learning is fostered by all stakeholders.

The core values of our Catholic Christian faith are synonymous with the core British Values. The Gospel values that guide all our pupil, parent, colleague and community interactions are: Integrity, Justice, Service, Dignity, Tolerance, Honesty, Charity, Forgiveness, Fair Play and love for God and one another.

St Vincent’s is a haven of happiness and high academic achievement. In 2015 all groups of learners made above the National group mean score for value added. Levels of Expected Progress and Better than Expected Progress have over several years been following a trend of being above National progress levels.

Our school Mission is driven by our motto: ‘Kindness is the key to all hearts’

We are proud to be followers of Jesus Christ, daily witnessing the message of love and forgiveness to all we encounter.

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